Our Team

LPL utilises a fully trained in-house and sub contractor workforce managed by an experienced and skilled team of managers to ensure all activities are professionally delivered.

LPL has a fully trained and approved workforce available to deliver excellent service to our client base.  We are supported by our sister company, E Corr, to provide the best equipment and operators for any job. Our organisational arrangements allow us to respond to the challenges faced by our customers promptly and provides access to the right member of our team.

We have the capacity to deliver work directly in-house wherever possible. Where we use sub-contractors, LPL has a robust and innovative supply chain. We encourage the use of local suppliers and resources wherever possible to be able to make competitive actions in supply and demand shifts and fluctuating resource patterns. We have forged a close relationship with our supply chain partners to provide quality and cost-effective projects in accordance with our business strategy.

Our People

People are very important to LPL and every effort is made by management to retain the team, training and developing people into roles with more responsibility. Management training is a high priority with programmes to meet and exceed industry standards in every field. Every employee is regularly interviewed and their training needs and future development
are discussed and agreed.

All training is delivered to our team through accredited training bodies. These include training courses provided by the CITB, CSCS, CPCS and IOSH.

The ability to be flexible and adjust quickly to match given targets is a key strength of our company. A strong team of key people ensure that we can take the push and pull of clients expectations and adapt quickly to the ever changing environment and that keeps